Diary in EnglishAugust 13th

Today I woke up at around 11 am. It was because I stayed up all night last night to watch shooting stars. 
In the evening, I went to a beer garden with my friends from university. There were some friends I hadnt seen in a while as they live in Tokyo for their work. We really enjoyed it and I felt like I went back to being a university student. After that, my best friend and I moved to an Izakaya and drank more. We talked about our trip ahead this fall. We might go to  Italy and she told me she wanted to visit the UK during New Years holiday. I was very glad to hear that!


Youre very good at english writing! How long have you been learning?

Most of this writing is pretty much perfect. Good job!

For this sentence: We really enjoyed [it] and I felt like we went back to being an university student, make sure you keep the I or we consistent. You could say I felt like we went back to being university students or I felt like went back to being a university student. Both ways make sense. Also, university is an exception to the a/an rule, so it will be a university not an university. 


Thank you for your corrections Cheyanne on italki!



添削を受ける前は、an university と書いてしまっていましたが、発音は [ jùːnəvˈɚːsəṭi ] なので、a university が正しいです。 hour [άʊə] が an hour となるように、an にしなければならないのは後に来る単語のその音が a e i o u の時ですね。







お酒の話が出たので… Londonのインド料理屋さんで飲んだビール



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