Brief introduction

Concrete mixers, including the power sector through a shaft connected to the actuator and driven by the drive mechanism drum, the drum barrel tops barrel drum set around the ring gear is provided on the drive shaft and a ring gear. india brand mini concrete mixer for sale It has a simple structure and reasonable use gears, ring gear after, can effectively overcome the skidding when rain and fog weather, roller and mixers between the rollers; the transmission mechanism can be used to further ensure the elimination between the idler roller and mixers the slippage.

Self-loading mixer

It has a long history, back in the early 1900s, driven by a steam engine concrete mixer drum cartridge has begun to emerge. After the 1950s, reverse the material type and tipping the material type of double cone blender and split drum mixer, etc. have come out and get development. Self-loading concrete mixer mixes the barrel wall radially arranged stirring blades. After the operation, the mixing drum rotation about its horizontal axis, adding mix barrel material, is raised to a certain height blade, falling by its own weight, this cycle of movement, to achieve uniform mixing effect. From a simple fall concrete mixer structure, generally stirred plastic concrete based.

product descripation

Product profile: concrete mixer machine price in India are twin shaft compulsory concrete mixers, which can mix dry concrete, plastic concrete, wet concrete, light agg- regate concrete and various mortars. There are high manganese wear-resisting cast steel lining boards mini concrete mixer for sale price and mixing blades inside the mixer, which is durable and convenient to replace. Combing with different PLD concrete batching machines, various kinds of concrete batching plant can be formed. Application:concrete mixer machine price in India applies to various large and medium scale prefabricated factory, construction sites, roadsm brights, airports and tunnels, etc.


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